Community Outreach

"Not all outcomes from this project will be measurable; however,
I am convinced that all who participate will be enriched in some way"

Oxfordshire Hospital School Teacher


If your group canít come to the Museum we may be able to come to you. From object handling and talks for community groups to special projects and community events, there are many ways that we can work with you.

We also offer access sessions at the Museum. We run regular touch tours and object handling sessions for visitors with visual impairments. BSL interpreted gallery talks covering an enormous scope of subjects are also offered. These sessions are advertised in our Whatís On programme.

Contact for further enquiries

Jude Barrett, Education Officer: Adults
T: 01865 288078


Oxford University Museums and Collections Community Outreach Service

The Community Outreach Service provides workshops and programmes for adult community groups, adult learners, and family learning groups.

These outreach sessions involve handling real museum objects, as well as a range of other hands-on activities. The sessions are delivered at your own venue and can be tailored to meet the needs of your group. We also offer workshops and guided tours at each of the museums and collections.

Find out more about our community outreach work:

Read our latest Quarterly Newsletter with all the facts, figures and stories of where we've travelled with our outreach trolley over the past 3 months.

Contact for further enquiries

Nicola Bird & Susan Griffiths, Community Engagement Officers
T: 01865 282456