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Edward Morgan from Glamorgan ...

Latin Text:

EDVARDUS MORGANIUS Glamorganensis, Horti Botanici qui Westmonasterij olim floruit Cultor celeberrimus, Vir de re Herbariâ optimè meritus; ab Edvardo Lloydo (hujus Musæi Procustode) certior factus, Hortum siccum, seu stirpium rariorum collectionem in Eo desiderari: tria ingentia volumina, duo circiter millia Plantarum specimina continentia (quas Ipse fere omnes in præfato Horto enutrierat) Eidem moriens ex animo legavit.


Edward Morgan from Glamorgan, the celebrated former keeper of the botanical gardens at Westminster, and a man extremely knowledgeable about plants. When he heard from Edward Lhwyd (under-keeper of this Museum) that the collection lacked a hortus siccus or a collection of [ dried ] plants, he bequeathed to the Museum three large folio volumes containing some 2,000 specimens of plants (almost all of which he had grown himself in the aforementioned garden).

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of these objects is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXIX (1689);  Page Number:12 (recto)

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