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Edward Lhwyd, a Welshman by origin ...

Latin Text:

EDVARDUS LHUYD č Cambro-britannis oriundus: Coll: JESU apud Oxon: A.M. in eadem Academiā S: Theologię Bedellus Superior; Plotioque ut in hoc Museo Successor, ita benevolentiā et eruditione non impar. Vir enim hic pereruditus, postquam per plures annos Cimeliarchę provinciam summā curā et fidelitate procurasset, et in rebus Naturalibus colligendis et ordinandis operam feliciter navasset, tandem Lithophylacium Suum Britannicum rarioribus omne genus figuratis lapidibus uberrime instructum inter ??????? Asmoleana conservari voluit.

Quantum autem Scientia, et Naturali, et antiquaria excelluerit LHUYDIUS, Scripta, quibus de posteris omnibus optime meritus est, abunde testantur, viz. Lithophylacij Britannici Ichnographia cum Epistolis una annexis; et Archęologia Britannica. Quam diu meditatus fuerat Gentis suę Naturalem Historiam perficere vetuit Mors immatura Anno 1709.

In locum cl: LHUYDII suffectus fuit DAVID PARRY e Coll. JESU A.M. cui datum erat ad exitum penč Anni 1714 Museum hocce custodire.


Edward Lhwyd, a Welshman by origin, of Jesus College, Oxford, was the Senior Bedel of Divinity at Oxford. He succeed Plot in this Museum and was entirely his equal in generosity and learning, for he was a very erudite man. After administering the Museum for many years with the greatest care and diligence, and after completing his work on building and arranging the Natural History collection, he wanted his collection of British stones, full of all types of figured stones, to be preserved among the treasures of the Ashmolean. The extent of his learning as both a naturalist and an antiquary can be clearly gauged from his writings. He left many good works to posterity including the Lithophylacii Britannici Ichnographia, together with his letters, and his Archaeologia Britannica . An untimely death in 1709 prevented him from completing his long meditated project of writing the natural history of his people. David Parry MA, of Jesus College, was appointed in his place and was designated Keeper of the Museum to the end of the year 1714.

Location:Transferred to the Oxford Museum of Natural History in 1860.

Year:MDCCXIV (1714);  Page Number:20 (recto)

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