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Charles King MA, once a Student of Christ Church ...

Latin Text:

CAROLUS KING A.M. Ædis christi Alumnus, donavit IASPIDES ORIENTALES duas, formâ octogonâ, in quibus Imago cujusdam aquam haurientis &c. et CHALCEDONIVM in quo quatuor figuræ; Martis scilicet, Mercurij, Cereris, et Cupidinis, faberrimè sculptæ. Ibid. j54. 5j9.


Charles King MA, once a Student of Christ Church, gave the Museum three gems, two oriental jaspers, octagonal in shape, with the image of a water carrier; and one chalcedony with four skillfully carved figures of Mars, Mercury, Ceres and Cupid. Ibid, nos. 154, 519.

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of these objects is unknown.

Year:MDCXCV (1695);  Page Number:18 (recto)

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