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Charles Hopkins ...

Latin Text:

Dn?s. CAROLVS HOPKINS dedit orbiculatam quandam LAMINAM AVREAM prope Bali-Shani apud Hibernos nuper effossam; ad monitum vetustę cujusdam Citharędi Hibernici, cantilenę, in quā virum aliquem fortem prędicabat locum sepulturę designans, de duabus laminis totidemque annulis, aureis, cum ipso terrę mandatis, verba faciens. Narrationem fusius exaratam, vide apud Camdenum edit. Gibs.p.j022. cat.VC.954.


Charles Hopkins gave the Museum a circular gold plate which was recently dug up near Ballyshannon in Ireland. He found it with the help of an ancient dirge chanted by an old Irish harpist, in which he sang of a strong man and his place of burial, and told of two gold plates and as many gold rings, commited to the earth with him. For the narrative in full, see Camden, [ Britannia ], ed. Gibson, p. 1022. Vice-Chancellor's Catalogue, no. 959.

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Location:On display in gallery 17 (European Prehistory)

Year:MDCXCVI (1696);  Page Number:18 (verso)

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