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Gervase Wilcox, citizen of London and fishmonger ...

Latin Text:

GERVASIUS WILCOX Civis et Piscarius Londinensis in augmentum hujus Armarii, et perpetuum id genus hominum dedecus, et opprobrium, dono dedit Pseudo-protestantium flagellum, quo nefarii quidam ardeliones, e quibus Stephanus Colledge hic Oxonii laqueo plexus, Monarchiĉ, Ecclesiĉ, ac Universitatibus, minus prospere (laus Deo) ruinam intentabant.


Gervase Wilcox, citizen of London and fishmonger, gave the Museum a so-called protestant flail, a weapon with which certain unlawful zealots attempted unsuccessfully, thank God, to subvert the Monarchy, the Church and the Universities. From their ranks Stephen College was hanged at Oxford. Gervase Wilcox added it to the Museum's collection as a perpetual cause of shame and a reproach to men of that kind.

Location:Listed only in the Book of Benefactors. Not listed in the 1836 or 1685 catalogues, The present location of this object is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXIII (1683);  Page Number: 7 (recto)

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