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George Clarke LLD, Fellow of All Souls' College an ...

Latin Text:

GEORGIUS CLARKE L.L.D. Coll. Omn: Anim: Socius, hujus AcademiŠ sŠpius Burgensis et regnante Anna e Dominis Comissionarijs pro Officio D. ni magni Admiralli Unus; cum sit omnium bonarum Artium amantissimus, BellicŠ Navis effigiem omni suo malorum, Antennarum, Funiumque apparatu eleganter instructam conquisivit et in hac tutissimÔ Statione Ancoram ponere decrevit. Jure optime hic memorandus est Gulielmus Lee Armiger, qui Naviculam tantÔ pulchritudinis fabricavit.


George Clarke LLD, Fellow of All Souls' College and several times Member of Parliament for this University had, in Queen Anne's reign, the post of Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty. Being deeply appreciative of beautifully made objects, he commissioned a model of a warship with all its masts, sails and rigging, and resolved that it should be anchored in this safe harbour. Here it is only right to remember William Lee Esq. who made the little ship so beautifully.

Related Objects:Pitt Rivers Museum 1886.1.1665 (formerly AN1836 p.174.1)

Location:Transferred to the Pitt Rivers Museum in 1886. On display at the Pitt Rivers Museum, Ground Floor, Case 56.A - Naval Ship Models - Europe.

Year:MDCCXIX (1719);  Page Number:21 (verso)

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