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Aaron Goodyear, citizen of London ...

Latin Text:

AARON GOODYEAR Civis Londinensis ad emporia Ottomanica mercaturam exercens, succedentibus benefactoribus, post ASHMOLUM, exemplar optimum: ex innato generositatis instinctu in ipsis Cimeliarchii hujus natalitiis, donavit integrum corpus humanum, quod vocant Mummi, ab Alexandria advectum; exterius characteribus, et figuris aliquot hieroglyphicis inscriptum et ornatum; interius bitumine, et aromatibus, more Aegyptiaco, conditum; cerotis, et fasciis involutum, et hoc modo putredine vindicatum.


Aaron Goodyear, citizen of London and a merchant trading with Turkey, was, after Ashmole, a most worthy model for later benefactors. From a natural impulse of nobility, and at the opening of this museum, he donated an entire human body, known as a mummy, which was brought from Alexandria. The outside is inscribed and decorated with characters and several hieroglyphic figures; the inside is preserved with bitumen and spices in the Egyptian manner; it is covered with plaster and bandages to protect it from decay.

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Location:Listed only in the Book of Benefactors and the 1685B catalogue. The present location of this object is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXIII (1683);  Page Number: 6 (recto)

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