Photograph of ET Leeds
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Photograph of ET Leeds beside a trench
Exploring the Past through the Work of E.T. Leeds and A2A

Record sheets and drawings

Leeds compiled a large number of record sheets and it appears to be the most comprehensive way he recorded information about a site or an object. They also tell us something about Mr Leeds himself by showing how thorough and conscientious he was in recording provenance and custodial details of an archaeological find.

Leeds recorded much useful information on these sheets including details of the location where the object was discovered or of the site itself, a description and/or image of the site or artefact, details of where the object is currently housed and any useful references to journals or articles in which the object or site might appear.

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Examples of record sheets from the Leeds archive
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Further images from the Leeds archive can be found on the Access to Archives (A2A) website.

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