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Photograph of ET Leeds beside a trench
Exploring the Past through the Work of E.T. Leeds and A2A


There are 54 notebooks compiled by Mr Leeds. He used them to record different information. They comprise:

  • excavation notebooks,
  • records of visits to museums and archaeological sites throughout Britain and Europe (where Leeds has noted the name of the museum, often the display case number, a description and sketch of the object he is interested in),
  • notebooks used for vocabulary lists (Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German into English),
  • an address book,
  • notebooks used for indexes to articles and
  • a journal recording part of a trip made by Leeds to Scandinavia in 1909.

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Examples of E.T. Leeds' notebooks held in the archive.
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Further images from Leeds' notebooks can be found on the Access to Archives (A2A) website.

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