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The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Castle Hill Field in Wheatley was discovered in 1883 when labourers were digging for stone. They found twenty-four skeletons but these were not recorded. The landowner, Henry Gale, recovered a number of finds, including shield bosses, spearheads and knives. These are now all held in the Ashmolean Museum.

Henry Gale discovered a further fifteen burials and by 1894 thirty-three more graves had been excavated by Edward Evans of the Ashmolean Museum. Of the burials Evans excavated, twenty-three had grave-goods. Several of the burials had only a few objects in the graves, in fact seven only had a knife. Thus not all the burials were richly furnished in this cemetery, although a number were very richly furnished. The finds from Evans' excavation are also held by the Ashmolean Museum.

Finds from Grave 27
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Objects found in the grave of a woman (grave 27) in 1883
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Record sheet of finds from graves 14 and 26 by E.T. Leeds
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In 1967 two further burials were discovered. The finds from all these burials date from the late fifth to early seventh centuries.

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