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In 1858 J.Y. Akerman uncovered an Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Stanton Harcourt. However it was not until 1940 that twenty-three burials were discovered during excavations prior to quarrying near a Bronze Age barrow (for details of Bronze Age finds see below).

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Written description of the Bronze Age barrow burial written by E.T. Leeds
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Twenty-two of these burials were located in one area, whilst the other was outside the barrow. The graves consisted of six adults, five children and twelve infants. However there were few with grave-goods. The few objects that were recovered appear to date from the seventh century. A number of these objects are held in the Ashmolean Museum.

Copper alloy pin (AN1940.184)
Silver pin (AN1940.187)
Copper alloy pin with perforated circular head (AN1940.184) from childs grave (grave no 2)- left - and silver pin (AN1940 187) from a female grave with no other grave goods (grave no. 12) - right.


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