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Finds from Grave 102

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A pair of gilt copper alloy saucer brooches (AN1989.402-3)
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Copper alloy buckle (AN1989.398) and belt fittings (AN1989.405)
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This grave contained a surpine inhumantion of a young woman aged 15-20 years. The grave had been intercut by grave 103. Remains of rushed were found laid over the body. The skeleton revealed the woman would have been 1.72m tall.

The finds in this grave included:

  • the above brooches found on the shoulders,
  • a square headed brooch found on the left side of her chest,
  • 105 amber and 9 glass beads found between the saucer brooches,
  • the buckle and fittings, as seen above, found at the waist,
  • an iron knife and strip of copper alloy were also found at the waist,
  • copper alloy hoop from a bucket was found next to the skull
  • and various iron fragments.
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