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In 1856 a stonemason found four burials in Purbrick's Close. A.Y. Akerman subsequently excavated a further eleven burials on the site. The following year, the same stonemason uncovered three more burials.

Drawing by E T Leeds of brooch from Filkins
Anglo-Saxon Brooch from Filkins (AN1909.495)
Drawing by E.T. Leeds of an Anglo-Saxon Brooch from Filkins in Oxfordshire (AN1909.495)

A brooch was acquired by Sir John Evans, which was allegedly found in 1868 amongst several skeletons by Captain John Abbott. Further discoveries were made in the 1860s and more recently an Anglo-Saxon settlement was found during construction work

The Ashmolean Museum now holds a number of finds from this site which mostly date from the sixth century.

See some of the finds from Filkins


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