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During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a small number of Anglo-Saxon artefacts were found at Abingdon. Then between 1934 and 1935, D.B. Harden and E.T. Leeds excavated a large Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Saxton Road in Abingdon, dating from about AD425 to AD625.

In total 82 cremation and 122 inhumation burials were recovered. A Bronze Age barrow was also discovered on the eastern edge of the cemetery. The size of the cemetery suggests a moderate sized community lived near Abingdon in the early Anglo-Saxon period. The cemetery also contained a mixture of male, female and child burials. Thus it appears a whole community was buried at this site.

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Details of some burials and cremations at Abingdon as recorded by E.T. Leeds
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Most of the cremations were found contained within pottery urns. Thirty-four of the cremation burials had associated grave-goods, including items such as, bone combs, ivory purse rings, beads and toilet sets. Seventy-three of the inhumations also had grave-goods ranging from brooches, pins, beads and buckles to spears, shield bosses and knives.

Beads from Abingdon grave 78
Tutulus brooch from Abingdon grave 10
Beads and a tutulus brooch found in two graves at Abingdon
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The finds from this excavation are now held by the Ashmolean Museum and Oxfordshire Museums Service who have a display at Abingdon Museum.

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